This article will be looking a little more in depth into the seven main reiki chakras that is behind this natural healing art form. As they form the backbone of the delivering healing to the patient, it is quite critical that anyone interested in Reiki training must first master Reiki Chakras when you’re on your path to becoming a Reiki master. Chakras are also quite commonplace in many other major cultures, and in this form, they are ‘points’ within the body that one must be attuned to if they are to deliver any form of effective treatment to the suffering patient. Western culture and the proliferation of Reiki within these shores have given birth to these Chakras – quite the departure from the more traditional teachings which are more reactive and less specific.

Reiki Master - 7 Chakras Of Reiki

The energy lines (which connect with the human body meridians of Reiki) are first drawn throughout the body and then the seven charkas are used to pinpoint locations where ailments and pain often reside in. The hand positions on these placements can either be on the front or the back of the body – this really depends on the ailment and what kind of pain the patient is exhibiting. If you are unfamiliar with these terms and jargons, do not worry about it too much. Just understand that discomfort has certain auras in the body, and depending on what kind, they will be centered on certain parts. Your job as a Reiki master would be to find them either through searching or through diagnosis, and use your hands to transfer healing energy to these parts of the body.

Now running through the various Reiki Chakras, we first have the crown, which suggests the very top of the head. This part of the body can be attuned to many different ailments, especially those that affect the mind and top of the head. We move below to the third eye chakra, which is in between the two eyes. The rest are made up of the throat, the heart, the solar plexus and the base chakra, which resides at the very bottom of the human body, cross-sections to the folded legs. Lastly, what some would call the secret charka is the lower abdomen. One thing to note, these major areas have significant advantages when it comes to treating discomfort. The higher echelon chakras are often related to mental problems, feelings, stress, consciousness and thought. The lower ones are more associated to the physical self and the basic instincts that we humans have. The one in the heart is the one that is most associated to feelings and the physical self. Often than not, when someone is in great emotional pain, the heart is the first place that Reiki Masters would focus on.

In Reiki training, one must open and balance all these Reiki Chakras together. Once heart, mind and soul are in balance, then wellbeing can be restored to the body and health can slowly be returned to the ailing patient. Blocked chakras are those who are overactive and cause an imbalance – and thus discomfort. When attaining the three levels of Reiki and mastery over this form of healing, understanding Reiki Chakras is a very key and critical step.