One the many questions asked about natural healing techniques that have permeated the West is their validity and their effectiveness. With today’s topic, we are going to answer the question of  – Does Reiki work? – and if it does, how does it work. For the uninitiated, this type of natural healing is a method that has come out from Japan, grounded on principals of shamanistic spiritual healing and has many similarities with methods that include touch therapy, Shiatsu and even some of the more far flung methods to come out of the east.

Mystery Of Reiki

The difference with Reiki is that it has a large following and that there has been plenty of documentation on its effectiveness. There are many people (practitioners of Reiki) who akin this method to acupuncture and
that is simply an urban myth. There is no invasiveness when it comes to Reiki, and nothing is inserted into the skin, or ingested, which makes this a very easy and very tactile method of healing.

Now, we want to look at the deeper meaning of Reiki and the energies that it uses to heal the mental, emotional and physical state of the human body. There is a belief that Reiki is inherent in all of us, an innate ability to heal ourselves that is coded into our body’s response system. To clear this up, we must understand that this method of natural healing is all about using your hands. When in pain or distress, Reiki practitioners will often place their hands on the affected areas in a bid to use the universal energies to heal or ease the pain.

Now if you were to ask yourselves, do we already do this in our day to day living? When someone has a migraine, what is the first instinct that comes to mind? We place our hands on our heads or the sides of our temples and often we cradle our head in our hands in a gentle running motion until the pain goes away. This is quite the same when we experience pain in other parts of our body, or even when we have emotional distress – it is not uncommon for the human being to take his or her pals and place them on their chest. This is the mystery of Reiki.

This is the fundamental basis of Reiki. According to its teachings, we are already attempting to use spiritual energy to heal ourselves by the use of our hands. The palms are transferring energy from the universe, from one person to another, all through the power of touch.  That is the mystery of Reiki dispelled. We cannot deny that we are living in a world of energies – in fact, Science itself has said that the entire universe is made up of either light or dark energies, and they are said to be the building blocks of reality itself. As we share the same materials with the very stars above us from our atoms to our physical selves, it is easy to understand the principals of this method and answer the question – truly, what is Reiki? Now that Reiki is in the West, we are able to explore this question and gain a better understanding of Reiki and its benefits.