There are many people today that are interested in the various types of energy in the universe whether they are the ones that are seen or the ones that can’t be seen.  One type of energy that many people experience is something called Reiki.  It is a type of energy that is generally used for healing purposes.  Those who have mastered how to use the energy and various techniques have been known to use something called touch therapy to help other individuals relax, unwind, and even repair parts of their body.

No matter your reasons for wanting to use Reiki, it is important to have a Reiki Attunement first.  There are a number of reasons why this is important.

This attunement is a ritual that will help open up the person to this energy.  Having the knowledge it exists is not enough.  The ritual, generally done by an expert or master in Reiki, helps to open the individual up to this type of energy in their own mind and body.  It is a way of opening up their flow to this energy.

At the same time, you will learn a bit about Reiki, what it is used for, how you may use it in your personal life, and more.  This is an important ritual or ceremony that people interested in Reiki all at some point will go through.  Ultimately, it will help someone have a better understanding of this energy and how it is used.

Many will have to prepare for this ritual.  The instructions can differ based on who your teacher is, but a few steps in the preparation tend to remain the same.  Most people will avoid things like meat, alcohol, smoking, and even television and other forms of media for about three days.  They also will fast or eat more natural foods during this time.

It is a way of setting yourself apart and taking time to prepare in a more cleansed state.  It is also a good idea to rest and meditate to get ready.  Most teachers will provide any specific instructions about what to do or what to avoid.

The Reiki Attunement itself may differ from one style of teacher to another.  Generally it will be finished when the teacher feels that you have opened yourself up to the energy.  At this point you have completed the Reiki Attunement.

There are other levels of Reiki as well.  You have to work yourself through these levels along with your teacher.  As you progress you can ultimately, if you choose to do so, become a master at it.  At this point you can teach others and perform this type of ritual with individuals new to Reiki.

This is only a very basic understanding of the Reiki Attunement.  You first have to find a teacher and find out what specifics that he or she may want you to be doing to get ready for it properly.