Reiki Master

Often in this topic, there is an inexhaustible supply of information and learning that is pegged to becoming a Reiki master. Reiki training is one that is full of focus and discipline, and it is not for everyone. However, the benefits of this system are widespread, and this is one of the few natural healing methods that one can perform on yourself. This means that you do not need to have an expert on hand, there is very little to no equipment or medicine needed, and if you gain enough Mastery, you are able to perform quite astounding feats of healing for what would be debilitating discomfort and pain associated with many ailments in the modern world today.

Training comes in the forms of degrees and there are three to note of. If you contact your local Reiki training centre, they would normally tell you to come in for an appraisal to see if you are fit for Reiki, and of course, tell you that the first step is to learn all about the theory. Like any new art form, you cannot just jump into the deep end of the pool. You must have your foundations intact before you can perform Reiki on other people.  Briefly, the teachings range from elementary teachings which looks at the theories of the art form, the symbol and chakra trainings that tells you how to identify areas in the body which will give off an aura. This is called attunement – learning about meridians and chakras, and how energy flows affect the balance within the body.

The last stage, or what some might call the Master stage, is where you learn how to focus these energies and use them to heal other people, including yourself. Now, do not be fooled. It may seem easy on paper, but there is a lot to master. Picking out spiritual energy from the world around you, recognising which meridians are blocked and which Chakras need to be open is something that needs time and patience. The first most effective patient should be you. You are the best person to practice on.  Take time every week to place hands on your body as associated with Reiki and feel the ebb and flow of energy that runs through the body. Much like blood vessels, meridian control the smooth flow of universal energy throughout the organs and much of the body. Any interruption and there will be problems, and symptoms might follow.

Reiki Master Training Variations

The one thing that you must be able to grasp is that there are hundreds of variations when it comes to training. It can vary from the order of teachings and even speed, depending on how attuned you are to spiritual energies. It is not unheard of that someone to attain the level of Reiki Master in just a few days. You could say that some of us are simply born with a talent and that talent can easily be recognised. The best way you can gain more information about this is to look up your local federation or support organisation, for there is surely one within calling distance.

Breathing is also one of the very important aspects of Reiki and it is something that you need to master as well. Literally, in Japanese translated, breathing is known as the Goddess Breath Method, in which the person literally breathes down the energy towards the patient and affects their meridians. You might be interested to know that classes often come with some musical instruments and other equipment that aids in the healing process.

Reiki Master Path

Getting on this path is a rewarding one, and the benefits of Reiki, as said earlier are plenty. Some of the benefits include a sense of well-being, less stress, relief of pain in many areas of the body, an increase in physical energy and reduction of lethargy, giving your immune system a boost, personal empowerment and an increase in confidence. But it does not stop there. Reiki has also been documented to increase the sense of inner peace within the human body, as well as help to cleanse homes and offices all over the world.

Whether it is Chinese Chi or Reiki’s Ki, the spiritual energy that flows in the universe and in the human body is a potent force indeed and something you can use for the greater good. The good news is that it has become a great part of palliative care in hospitals around the world and slowly gaining a force and the recognition it deserves.  Of course the rewards once you become a Reiki master are many and the journey is fruitful. There are many secrets of the universal life force that will be unlocked to you and you will have access to a unending river of energy. Becoming a master in Reiki also means the use of the master symbols, which will help with personal growth and deepening the understanding of how the universal energies flow within us.

The true power of Reiki also lies in the fact that the energy also contains many positive aspects like peace, wisdom, compassion, love, abundance and so much more. Realising that the energies are multi faceted and can open a window to a wealth of possibilities is one of the major rewards of becoming a Reiki master. The name for Reiki Master in Japanese is Shinpiden, which also means mystery teaching. We did speak once about the mystery of Reiki, and the true mystery of it is the understanding of the attributes of the God within us, no matter our beliefs.

Of course, the one thing that you will always hear from Reiki masters is that we will never understand truly the mystery of these Godly attributes, no matter how many lifetimes we are able to live. This is why it remains a wonderful mystery and this is why the journey of learning is so beautiful – there is something to be discovered every day. On the path to becoming a Reiki Master, you will learn that knowledge is power, and ever changing.