As an integral part of Japanese culture, this Sonyan inspired Reiki is a method used to reduce stress and promote waves of healing within the body. Classified under the category of traditional medicine, this type of healing and methodology has been around in the Far East for quite some time, developed at the turn of the 20th century by Japanese monks who had adapted various schools of medicine and self-healing and created this form of adaptive hands on healing that has not only caught on in their shores, but made a successful crossover to Western shores. This has people asking about its roots, history and truly, what is Reiki all about.

However, we are here to look at the finer points of Reiki and the inspiration behind this technique. Understanding the rationale and the roots of this Japanese Reiki phenomenon and alternative treatment will help you to better wrap your head around its inspirations and how it works. In essence, the very work Reiki is a combination of Japanese words that come together to form the meaning – “God’s Wisdom of the Higher Power”, and “Life Force Energy”. Many practitioners will tell you that Reiki is actually a life force energy that is spiritually guided from within oneself and channelled through the body. Tapping into this spiritual well is the secret behind this methodology, and according to the Japanese monks, everyone in the world has a spiritual well which they can tap into to use for healing – for Reiki.

Those who have experiences Reiki will attest to this spirituality with an almost glow like incandescence that permeates through the treatment – not unlike a glowing candle under transparent paper. Because the source of Reiki’s power is completely spiritual, there is no limit to where and how it can treat the body. In fact, the Japanese believe that the thera
How one channels this (Reiki) energy is quite simple – through the hands which are placed within parts of the body that need to be healed. This spiritual energy is also called universal energy that flows within and outside of us, and with careful meditation and concentration; it is a matter of plucking the energy as one would a fruit and use the nourishment to heal others, including can touch every point of the body from the mind to the physical self, a truly powerful tool that can be used to great benefits.

Reiki – Wisdom, Spirit, Godliness

Unlike most traditional methods of healing and medicine, Reiki is solely spiritual in nature – after all it is named the spirit of Usui, the founder of Reiki, it requires the quite aptitude and focus that comes with having a clear mind. One can train to be a Reiki practitioner and there are no hindrances; anyone can be a practitioner if they truly desire it and it is just a matter of concentration and discipline, – the qualities that anyone needs to excel in any chosen art. To achieve mastery over Reiki is to achieve the wisdom, the spirit and the Godliness needed to be at one with the energies, channel them into the body and exude them into the healing touch that is at the core of this traditional method of healing.