Reiki in itself is not a widely known word or concept but recently it has become very popular due to the increasing popularity of reiki massage and its techniques. Reiki is an ancient healing method which is a bit different than its massage treatment. Reiki healing helps the body’s spiritual energy which in itself helps when dealing with different injuries and problems stemming from them. On the other hand reiki massage incorporates techniques like kneading and rubbing specific body parts in order to help them heal and get relieved. There are many massage therapists who have learned not only reiki techniques and methods but also have some knowledge in the original healing concept and apply both on the patients that visit them. This particular combination between the two types allows the therapists to assist and remedy certain physical and emotional ailments even better than traditional methods.

You have to remember that not all licensed massage therapists have earned certifications to perform reiki massage. It’s for the better to find one that has studied the technique and is aware of how to effectively use it. Different problems that stem from internal, moral or physical issues can be alleviated with reiki massage. A reiki massage is essentially a treatment that incorporates both the techniques of traditional massage and the unique healing methods of reiki.

Traditionally, a reiki massage starts from the head, follows along the back and the bottom and concentrates mainly on the seven chakras within the body. Therefore, the hands coincide with the other body parts and through their massaging other areas are re-energized as well. The main purpose of the reiki massage is to relieve people from stress and to promote calm and relaxation. During a reiki massage the therapist does not need to touch the body at all but may instead manipulates energy from just a few inches above it. Most commonly this is seen in those that are more familiar with the healing methods of reiki.

Reiki massages are calming methods which can also besides everything else decrease pain and strain. The most experienced reiki practitioners are able to channel energy through the body of the patient, removing various blockages and helping the chi to flow freely throughout the whole body. The base principles of reiki coincide with acupressure where too attention is mostly paid to energy and its source. Some therapists are even able to effectively alleviate pain and pressure without even having to touch the patient while others use a combination of reiki healing and massage techniques.

Another interesting fact is that reiki massage does not require the patient to be sick in order to be performed. The method can reduce stress and promote calm on both the sick and the healthy. There are two ways of performing this type of massage:

The first is by distance healing. During distance healing the patient has to find a relaxing and comfortable place located in their home, preferably without any outside noises. The therapist begins the treatment by sending energy from their body to the patient’s. The therapist does not have the need to touch the patient but rather heals them from a distance.

The second is in-person healing. The in-person healing is done when the therapist and the patient interact physically. The patient is usually asked to lie down on a mat or a massage table. The massage is usually aided with different aromas, candles and soothing music in order to help the patient relax easier. Then the therapist starts massaging the patient and through the touches transmits energy into them. Both methods have been known to have a very positive effect on a person.

Reiki massage is an ancient healing remedy which focuses on energy, more commonly referred to as ‘chi’, which flows throughout the person’s body freely. Once it has been somehow blocked, the individual starts to feel more and more stressed and starts experiencing body aches on a regular basis. The reiki healing was invented with the purpose of unblocking the chi’s movement once again in order to relieve the person of their problems. With the help of reiki massage different individuals are able to finally achieve a more relaxed and rested state of being.