Throughout the history of Reiki, many different branches have been formed and techniques used. The healing process has clearly undergone an evolution with many Masters tweaking and shifting certain core elements to attain different degrees energy healing. One such branch of Reiki is known as Karuna Reiki. This technique was developed by William Lee Rand and is said to raise the vibrational energy of individuals who use it. There are several differences between traditional Usui Reiki and Rand’s slightly altered version. The results, however, tend to speak for themselves.


Rand was attuned in the early 1980’s and became a Master of Usui Reiki in 1989. Soon after, he began employing different, non-Usui techniques and symbols with almost universal success. Although he never intended to create an entirely different branch of Reiki, the new Sanskrit symbols and Reiki techniques proved to be powerful and effective for many practitioners and recipients.

Rand’s intensive studies with other Reiki Masters only cemented the legitimacy of his new techniques. With the support several Masters and the clear increase in vibrational energy, Rand created the Karuna Reiki branch in 1995. The school boasted new elements, including:

  • Enhanced attunements
  • Added symbols
  • Usage of chanting

One of the hallmarks of the Karuna branch is the fact that only individuals who have attained a level of Master in a similar or wholly different school of Reiki can learn Karuna. In its current format, Karuna is not taught to beginners. It essentially like a form of secondary schooling for established Reiki Masters.

Benefits of Karuna

This form of Reiki is, again, unique in that it is only learned by those who have attained a level of Master. Of course, the healing energies can be transferred to individuals who have not attained the level of Master, but only Masters can be practitioners of Karuna Reiki. If anything, this clearly indicates the healing power of the Karuna philosophy. Many of the masters who have been attuned to the school have indicated that it offers a higher level of vibration and a unique emphasis on oneness. The peace felt using Karuna symbols and attunements has led some practitioners to intuit a shift in the vibrational patterns of the entire planet.

The use of chanting and toning has also helped deepen the healing process in many recipients. Practitioners, pupils, and patients have all felt a deeper, more peaceful connection to themselves and each other. They chant the names of the new symbols, all of which have been cultivated by a group of Masters (not just Rand himself). The chants provide a literal vibration that flows through both practitioner and client to open up auras and chakras for greater healing.

Rand even trademarked the term Karuna Reiki so that there would be no impostors. Anyone who has been attuned to Karuna follows the same exact principles (although teaching and healing may differ among Masters).

Clearly, the benefits of Karuna are outstanding. They have helped hundreds of clients achieve greater vibrational frequencies and overall health for nearly two decades, and there are no signs of it letting up any time soon.