Welcome to PureReikiHealing, in here we will talk and share about various Reiki Healing method that promote healing the natural way.

Our mission is to dispel the misconceptions surrounding Reiki, and to enlighten the masses of the very real benefits that the ancient Japanese healing art can bring. We do this by providing useful, informative content through articles, special reports, exclusive training programs, and various other tools and resources.

That’s where Pure Reiki Healing comes in.

Pure Reiki Healing was established in 2010 by one Owen Coleman.

Owen’s first experience with Reiki spanned more than a decade ago, when he suffered pain so debilitating it put him out of work. Having observed the ineffectiveness of conventional medicine, his wife suggested that he seek alternative treatment in the form of a Reiki session.

Initially a skeptic, Owen realized just how powerful the art of Reiki was when he was cured of his pain completely after just one session with a Reiki Master. Since then, Owen had sought to learn all that he could about Reiki. Having learned from different Reiki Masters over the years, his education in the healing art is eclectic, to say the least.

Owen hopes to share his diverse knowledge with the general public, and seeks to educate others about the truth behind the oft-misunderstood art of Reiki.