Does Reiki Work? Well, the proof is in the pudding. There is a large stable of practitioners of Reiki in the modern world today, with registered centres and Master Teachers living and plying their trade in most parts of the Western world. While they do practice a slightly different path to the original teachings of Usui in Japan, the foundations and the inspirations are very much the same. You would have no trouble looking for a source of your Reiki needs if you are curious to find out more, or if indeed you believe in its ethos and have found its methods to be beneficial to you and the people around you.

The best facet of Reiki is that there is no limit to the teachings, and that even Masters of the trade are discovering new things as they explore deeper and deeper into the spirituality of the discipline. The original Japanese teachings are expansive and almost have no limit, and interpretation is a key component of gaining mastery of its teachings. There are many centres for the learning and teaching of Reiki in the modern world today, and normally, they are divided into three levels, or better known as degrees. Moving further to clear up the mystery of Reiki and its training, let us look at what the basic requirements are for Reiki attunement.

As part Practitioners of Reikiof the training, one must be attuned to the human body and how the universal energy flows in and around it. As part of their training, anyone interested to gain mastery over Reiki would have to constantly practice on the human body, gaining an insight into how one would formulate a diagnosis based purely on energy. This is not an easy art to Master and it takes a special attunement to be built up over time. If we look at the West, we see a specific set of training ideals that seeks to treat the human body based on areas, whereas Japanese Reiki is more instinctive and is specifically directed.

The good news is that there is much more assimilation in the real world today (proliferation of Reiki in the West), where major healthcare providers and centres have been willingly setting up a Reiki extension as part of their treatment. This means that the traditional method of natural healing is getting much more airtime in the modern world today,  with more and more healthcare practitioners selling themselves as experts of the art. This also means that you can easily find one in a major city, wherever you may be living in the West.  A quick look online would reveal that there are close to 80 institutions in the US alone that are offering these services.

Usually, these practitioners of Reiki are often using the art to supplement their own knowledge of medicine and healing. It is this combination and cross pollination of ideas that makes its use together with modern techniques so powerful. Because of its non-invasive techniques and its promotion of mental and emotional well-being, it has a special place in aiding the healing process and promoting a harmony within the human body that is essential for overall health. Reiki does work, and you do not have to look far to see its evidence and its impact on patients all across the world.